Abundance is the healthy flow of ALL good in your life on an ongoing basis.

The Law of Attraction teaches us that what we focus on/give attention and energy to, comes to pass.

The Universe doesn’t place importance on WHAT you’re energy is vibrating out. It just responds to it. It is a mirror reflecting back to you your thoughts, vibrations and energy.

So if you are vibing Lack, Poverty or Scarcity mentality, mindset or consciousness, it reflects that back to you and it shows up in your life and experiences.

We live in a world of polarity and thus the Law of Opposites. So everthing is two sides of the same coin. The opposite of Lack is Abundance.

Just as you radiate Lack you can radiate ABUNDANCE. It’s a choice. You can start now to CHOOSE/DECIDE to hold abundant thoughts. To radiate abundant energy. You can choose to be a channel for the vibration that is abundance. You can see it flow through you like a river, unimpeded by boulders. You can choose to be Grateful for all you already have.

You can decide to dismantle old, outmoded beliefs you have around abundance and prosperity. You can examine your beliefs. Are they even yours?

So much of what we believe are not our beliefs. As infants and small children we are sponges soaking up the behaviours, attitudes, beliefs, ways of being and doing from our parents, families, society, culture, religion etc….

Our fertile subconscious minds receive all this information like seeds planted in soil. And what is planted grows. And becomes our mindsets and beliefs.

So how much of your beliefs about ABUNDANCE and PROSPERITY are yours?

If they feel yucky or don’t sit right its time to give them the door….

Release those limitations… Break the glass ceiling….allow Abundance in all of its forms to flow to you from infinite sources. Become a magnet for it.

You are Source’s greatest creation. Think you are not abundant? Thinking is often where the problem starts. Think again. Change the thinking. Rewire the mind. Reach for the stars. And vibrate higher. Radiate abundance and prosperity. And watch what is reflected back to you.

Affirmations to Plant the Seeds of Abundance

“I am Source’s greatest Creation. Abundance is my Birthright.”

“I open my body, mind and soul to a steady flow of all good into my life.”

“I allow my thoughts to align with Abundance Consciousness.”

“I smash the glass ceiling that I have created, that limits the flow of Abundance on all levels.”

“I smash the glass ceiling created by my ancestors, family, society, culture and religion, that limits the flow of Abundance on all levels.”

“I am aligned at the centre of the larger field of Abundance now and from now on.”

“An unlimited supply of Seeds of Abundance are scattered in my subconscious. They grow and flourish wildly.”

Wishing you a flowing and abundant day, week, year and life.

Love, Linda