"Spring Clean" Soul / Energy Healing Session
In-Person - Monday, 13th March, 7-9pm

Hi There!

The need to connect back to ourselves and our self-healing abilities in order to navigate all that the world is throwing at us, is great. We can feel fatigued, burnt-out, stretched and over-saturated.

This deeply-penetrating Soul/Energy Healing Session, offers you a wonderful “Spring Clean” that supports you in clearing the debris. It brings light and healing where you most need it, lightens your load and helps you move forward with less of the old and more of the new!

This Session is an opportunity to receive what you would in a One to One Healing with me, but in a  small and intimate group. The power of the group amplifies the healing for all in attendance.

These sessions are incredibly transformative and life-enhancing.

They involve connecting to and allowing your Soul – your Inner Superpower – to ground, clear, release, heal, balance, grow and align you. To shed the things that do not serve your Soul any more and bring healing and resolution where it is needed most. The benefits are many and can be really surprising!

Spaces are very limited. Booking is done through me directly on 087 6699893. 

The Group Energy\Soul Healing Session runs for 2 hours, with a break midway for refreshments (included), bathroom break and a stretch!

Our Venue is in the new Hall at The Monastery Primary School on New Road, Killarney. 

Investment in Yourself (besides being invaluable) is 55 Euro. Payment is due in full (I will furnish bank details upon enquiry) in advance of the Session and only this holds your place. 

Cancellation Policy: Once booked, you may cancel your Session up to 24 hours before (or by 7pm on the day before) the Session begins and request to receive a full refund. If cancellation is made on the day of, you will receive a credit to attend a future session or you may transfer the session to a friend. Credit must be used within 90 days. 

I so look forward to connecting with you in this Magical and Sacred Soul Space where your Soul comes into its own, thrives and shows you the way!

Love, Linda x

One year is ending and a new one begins.

In our two hours together, we reflect on what we have gained, grown and are grateful for.

With vulnerability, we acknowledge our struggles and hardships and appreciate how far we have come.

Let’s consciously surrender what has gotten you to where you are, but have now outgrown. 

Create space for transformation and for welcoming your creations, the new, fresh starts and clean slates.

Step out of the habitual “Christmas Stress and Pressure Cycle” to:

Take care of and value your needs and prioritise self-care

Release and relieve yourself of built-up stress, tension and anxiety

Fill yourself up if you are feeling unwell, overwhelmed, stretched, depleted, burnt out or fatigued, so that you can enjoy this time of year rather than being exhausted/in recovery throughout.

Join me for this Group Healing Session which marks a time of Goodbyes to what was and Hello’s to what is coming.

Very Important: While creating your list of gifts for others, don’t forget to add yourself.

Self-Care Investment: €50