Energy? What Is It?


EVERTHING in existence is Energy. Everything, including humans, is simply energy stored in mass particle form.  It penetrates and surrounds everything. Your body, the table and chair – all energy!

All thoughts, emotions, feelings, beliefs and attitudes are composed of energy.  Every part of the human body – our atoms, molecules, cells, tissues and body systems are made up of layers of energy. These layers create what is known as the Human Energy Field –  also called the Aura.

Energy  – in energy healing terms – refers to subtle, invisible-to-the-naked-eye forces, that flows through the body. It has many names, including Chi, Qi, Prana, Vital force or Life force, Source, The Divine, Spirit, Soul and Vitality. 

Energy is the animating force within you and all of life. It is the breeze moving through the trees, causing the branches and leaves to sway. It is the force the drives the waves in and the tide out. It is the heat of a blazing fire. It is the smile on a person’s face. The light in your eyes. It is the Love that fills your heart. 

Every living thing pulses with the flow of vital force that suffuses the universe. It dances and plays, it moves and vibrates. When this vibration and flow is hindered or blocked, there is dis-ease. An excessive, deficient, unbalanced or obstructed energy flow, creates illness or dysfunction. In turn, a balanced energy flow promotes health and wellbeing.

Over time, the body stores patterns of burnout, fatigue, tension, stress and trauma. Add to this, the fact that the tissues store unresolved emotions, thoughts, beliefs, consciousness, fears and phobias (issues in the tissues). Together, these create chronic stress patterns throughout the body.

Energy Healing works with the energy of the anatomy, to create transformation in the body. The body accumulates acute or chronic stress patterns and tension from unresolved mental, emotional, behavioural, spiritual and consciousness issues. This can lead to pain, illness and chronic or acute health conditions.

Energy Healing creates an opportunity to release excess, deficient or stagnant in our energy fields. It improves energy flow and promotes health. It is a Holistic approach  – it addresses the person as a Whole, all the while supporting the inherent ability of the body to heal itself. The Holistic approach refers to the balancing of the structural, physiological, energetic, mental, emotional, behavioural, spiritual, consciousness and environmental influences.

Developing a strong, luminescent energy field is key to living high vibrationally. Every day we can choose the activities and actions that elevate rather than drain our precious energy. We can take small but effective steps to feeling well on a more consistent basis.

Love, Linda x