Are these Energy Healing Classes for me?

You decide.

Maybe you have been feeling a bit disconnected from yourself lately. A bit lost, uncertain and confused.

You are a sensitive being or an empath and can feel overwhelmed by this beautiful but harsh world.

Stress, anxiety, pressure and worry have accumulated over time and you feel jaded, burnt out and fatigued.  You feel tense, stretched to your limit….your cup feels pretty empty. 

You overthink, have brain fog, are mentally overstimulated and your mind feels full and cluttered.

Perhaps you are dealing with sleep issues, chronic illness, health problems, loss of a loved one, issues at work or relationship difficulties that have depleted and drained you and even led to low mood and depression. 

Shock or trauma have shaken your foundations.

Your self-care practice has fallen by the wayside/is non-existent and you feel your Soul calling you to take steps to nurture and look after yourself better.

The Beginning

I wanted to create a healing program that supports you on a more regular and consistent basis…. giving you tools for your day to day life. One that is life-enhancing, empowering and affordable. That shows you how to better look after your overall health and wellbeing. A safe place to show up and commit to self-healing and nurturance.

From this desire, my Guided Energy Healing, Inner Growth & Meditation Classes were born. I bring the vast healing power and benefits of my one-to-one Soul Healing Sessions into group form. I absolutely love and adore these classes and all of my precious attendees. It just REALLY WORKS! 

The Lowdown

The Guided Energy Healing, Inner Growth & Meditation Classes run in 6-week blocks from September to May.

Everybody is welcome. From 16 years upwards. No prior experience is necessary. This is for EVERYONE.

Our classes come with three options: In-Person, Zoom Live  and Recorded. This offers choice as well as great flexibility for your schedule and lifestyle.

In-Person Classes are booked through me directly – via or 087 6699893

You book your class preference of Online Live or Recordings on the booking platform below.

Once booked you will sign into your account each week to access the link to class. All access is via the website. 

The classes have a very private, one-to-one feel, in that you can only hear and see me. Nobody in the group can hear/see you and you can’t hear/see them. This is to minimise visual distraction and noise. However, as your name pops up on login, I connect to your energy, you connect to me and the group and the healing just flows….

Feathering Your Nest

In-Person Classes are held in Killarney. We have a wonderful venue that is quiet, peaceful and spacious. We have comfortable meditation seats on the floor to sit on. If you would prefer a chair, just let me know.

Each week you bring your cosy blanket and cushions with you, along with anything else that will enhance your feeling of relaxation.

For the Zoom Live and Recorded Classes, you tune into your healing  from the comfort of your home or whatever space you choose.

Comfort is Queen and so you decide between snuggled up in your bed or relaxing on the couch, wrapped in a blanket and surrounded by cushions. Or maybe sitting on a chair, swaying gently in a hammock, lying on a yoga mat or – if the weather allows – lying outside on the earth. The choice is entirely yours. There is no right or wrong way. There is your way. You create your optimal healing space.

Grab your earphones, some water and perhaps light a candle – dedicating it to your wellbeing or healing intention. Maybe you like crystals, incense or your favourite essential oil in a burner? Perhaps your thing is cosy pyjamas and an eye pillow! If it is chilly, grab a hot water bottle. Are you getting the picture here? You are feathering your nest. Creating a Self-Care Sanctuary with a few of your favourite things. The stage is being set.

The Healing Process

Each week, I tune into guidance on what healing practice would best serve the group as a whole and each individual.

Our classes aim to heal you as a Whole Being. You are so much more than a Physical Body. You are pure energy. A Spirit in human form. You have your physical body, yes, but you also have your Energy, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies. So even if we are dedicating a class to balancing the Mental Body, healing goes to every nook and cranny, every layer and level of your Being at the same time. Whole Being Healing. Every Week.

To give you few examples, classes cover the following, but so much more:

Growth in Consciousness & Awareness 

Grounding and Breathwork

Full Chakra System Clearing & Balancing

Energy Clearing

Colour Therapy

Alignment with Wholeness

Soul Connection

Nervous System Reset

Anxiety Relief

Happy, Flowing Meridians

Hormonal System Harmony

Burnout Recovery

Chronic Stress Release

Mental Health

Emotional Health

Mood Balancing and like I said…so much more.

Throughout the healing class, I will guide you into a deep state of relaxation. This enables you to rest right to your core. This is such a receptive state to encourage your Inner Healer, Your Soul, Your Inner Super Power to balance and realign all of you.

As the energy healing works its magic – and depending on your sensitivity – you may experience sensations of warmth, tingling or gentle pulsing. You may see colours, images or symbols. Then again, you may see or feel absolutely nothing. Either way it does not matter.

Whether you experience sensations or not, you are absolutely receiving all that you need, all that you showed up for.

Your Inner Healer is guiding you to release and let go of anything that dims your light, creates imbalance in your being or drains you. Your Highest Self, wants only the very best for you. And so, throughout our classes, you are gently shedding that which no longer serves you and you embrace more of your true self. The real, authentic you. You are being brought back to a state of Wholeness. Embodying the “feel goods”.

From time to time, you may – but not always – experience emotions rising to the surface. This is totally normal and natural and is basically the clearing out of the old to make space for the new. I am on hand, to offer you support in this event.

The Outcome

Ultimately, the release and healing ignited in these classes, brings about great personal growth, raises your vibration and aligns you with wholeness on all levels. They empower you as you take charge of your self-care, health and overall wellbeing. Each week sees your heaviness, burdens, stresses, fears and sadness melt away and decrease. You make space to expand your confidence in yourself and in your ability to self-heal. This is SO EMPOWERING!

You gain Clarity. You gain Inner Peace. You gain, gain and gain some more….

You lose the weight of self- judgement, criticism and being hard on yourself as you understand that you are a powerful, magnificent Being, learning and growing day by day. Your self worth and esteem increase.

You get to know yourself for the wonderful person you are. You get to see so many of the wrongly-held beliefs you have about yourself challenged and cast out. You learn the truth about yourself. You start to see how unbelievably strong, brave, capable, qualified, beautiful, gifted, loved and loving you are. You see the Truth where before it was perhaps the Illusion. 

If you are reading this, your Soul is calling you to Step Up and Ignite Your Light!

Answer The Call.

Love, Linda

In-Person Guided Energy Healing,
Inner Growth & Meditation Classes

Starts Tuesday, 28th February 2023, 7-8pm. Included is Zoom Live or Recording Option if you cannot make the In-Person any week.
For bookings and information call 087 6699893


Online Energy Healing,
Inner Growth & Meditation Classes

Also starts Tuesday, 28th February 2023, 7-8pm. The Class Recording is available from 10pm each Tuesday, with access to it until Sunday midnight of each class week. Choose from the following:

Online Live Guided Healing & Meditation Classes

Recorded Guided Healing & Meditation Classes

Guided Healing & Meditation Classes

Wednesday, 24th February 2021, 10 am

Live Guided Healing & Meditation Classes

Recorded Guided Healing & Meditation Classes

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