Live Guided Energy Healing & Meditation Classes

This is no ordinary Meditation Class. As an Energy Healing Facilitator, our classes are a large dose of Energy Healing (and everything is energy) blended with Meditation. They are a place to go when life takes you over. When you feel overstretched, worn-out, burnt-out and in need of some serious “unplug” time. A warm, welcoming space to Switch Off, Reset & Reboot.

I want to help you with the everyday challenges, niggles, pressures, stresses, fears and anxieties that build up and overwhelm. Emotions, feelings and thoughts that have you feeling “bad” about yourself and being hard on yourself for feeling/thinking them.

I am here to offer support to the Empaths, Deep Feelers, Sensitives and HSP’s (Highly Sensitive Persons). I am all of these, so I understand what it is like to try to “fit in” and feel OK, when you feel sensitive to and drained by the world around you and the people in it.

These Deeply Healing & High Vibrational classes offer you a Consistent, Supportive Space in which to:

Deeply Breath Life into your Whole Being

Slow Down. Pause. Unwind. Step off the Treadmill. Be Centred & Balanced

Cleanse. Clear. Purify. Unburden. Align. Rebalance. Retune. Rise. Thrive!

Truly experience Inner Peace & Calm in a busy world/life. Deep Rest & Relaxation. Feel Better. Feel Good. Be Empowered

Ground yourself to Mother Earth, in the Here and Now, the Present

Commit to Self-Care – dedicate time to & for Self. Deepen your Connection with your Inner Self, your Soul!

Support Whole Being Wellbeing & Come Home to You

Activate your Inner Healer, Power and Light

Bring Healing & Balance to all levels of your Being (physical, energy, emotional, mental & spiritual bodies), Life and Environment (including the people around you & the Earth)

Tap into the Well of RELIEF for Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Worry, Pressure, Overwhelm, Chronic Stress, Change, Low Mood, Burnout, Fatigue & Exhaustion, Struggle, Anger, Grief, Sadness & Heartache

Break Through Fear, Self-doubt, Limitations and Old and/or Unhealthy Patterns, Behaviours, Programming & Conditioning. Let Go. Release. Surrender!

Step into the Light if you are feeling Lost and Need Guidance & Direction. Maybe you are Questioning Life…

Who Am I?

What is My Purpose?

Is this Relationship the right one for me?

Would you love to make a Change? Fear Change?

Have a Decision to Make?

Tune into the Light of The Divine within you and connect to the Higher Guidance you need to take Right Action

Attune to Soul Satisfaction & Fulfilment. Supercharge your Spark, your Light, your Radiance. Glow from the Inside Out

Heal & Boost your Confidence, your Self-Esteem, your Self-Worth, your Self-Image

 Throughout the 6 Weeks of Classes, you will receive Tools to support you with Everyday Life and on your Journey of Discovery, Growth, Awakening Consciousness and Soul Rising.

I cannot wait to Connect with You!

Love, Linda♥


Zoom Live Energy Healing, Inner Growth

& Meditation Classes

Starting Tuesday, 10th January 2023, 7-8pm

Class runs every Tuesday for 6 weeks.

To access your Live Class each week, click on the links emailed to you upon booking or just log into your Account at with your username and password that will be created upon booking. Then click on Orders which holds all your links, purchases and bookings. Click the link and away you go!

Self-Care Investment: €90

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to book for more than one person – as a gift, for example – each booking must be made separately, as an individual name, email address, username, and password are required for each person. Thank you.