Start Your High Vibe Day

Good Morning 🌅

Too many of us feel rushed and under pressure in the morning, scrambling out of bed, sending the message of “pressure, stress and overwhelm” to our body and mind. Or maybe you are exhausted and feel like you are constantly dragging yourself out of bed.

You might not feel like setting aside a few minutes for a daily meditation practice.

Yet practicing a morning meditation is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Just a few minutes per day can make a big difference. Research shows that people who meditate in the morning are healthier, happier and more successful. You are creating a very solid foundation for your day ahead.

Starting your day with a calm, focused mind, light, vibrant energy and a grateful heart, sets a powerful precedent for your entire day.

Beginning your day in a grounded state, helps you to deal with any challenges and opportunities that the day may bring.

How To: You may like to start your Guided Meditation (yours to keep upon purchase) immediately upon waking (recommended). You can do so while still relaxed in your bed. As you are soon to get up, it might be best to sit up, to avoid falling asleep again or battling sleep. Or you might prefer to go to a designated meditation spot. It’s up to you!

The key is to harness the powerful energy of the morning, the “just waking” state of relaxation and carry that calm intentionally into your new day.

Early morning is the perfect time as it is still and quiet, allowing you to go deep into a meditative state.

Soon, with frequent listening, you’ll begin to notice some of the powerful benefits of meditation, like lower stress, better sleep, more energy, less pain, increased focus and reduced anxiety and depression. You benefit. Everyone benefits.

Wishing you a wonderful morning and day.

Love, Linda 🌞