The Full Moon🌕

The Full Moon – in a nutshell – is a time of release, surrender and letting go of anything that is not for our highest good or that has reached its expiry date.

It magnifies/amplifies whatever we are experiencing around the time of the Full Moon. For example, if you are feeling stressed – this becomes amplified. That’s why we can feel a bit more tetchy or extra emotional at this time. The Moon is drawing our “stuff” up to the surface for release and magnifying it. As a result, it can feel like an intense time.

It can, of course, also amplify feelings of joy, happiness, gratitude or any of the good feelings and experiences you are having.

So how can you best support and care for yourself at the time of the Full Moon?

  1. Body movement is a wonderful way to move the emotions and energy build-up. Walking, running, swimming (in the sea is POWERFULLY cleansing and rejuvenating), dancing, stretching, exercise all help with bringing a sense of relief around heavier thoughts and feelings. So move your body to move the emotions!
  2. In the days leading to the Full Moon, it’s a great practice to start writing down a list of things you wish to release. The act of spending time focusing on a “Release List”, really helps you to know yourself better. This action supports the healthy detachment from what you don’t need anymore and makes room for the energy/creativity that wants to come in (with the New Moon 2 weeks after the Full).
  3. Breathe. Take slow, deep breaths into and out of your belly when things get heated, overwhelming, stressful or unsettled.
  4. Rest. Slow down. Take time for yourself. Retreat from the world if you feel the desire to do so. Meditate.
  5. Ground. Stand on the Earth barefoot. Connect your body to the Earth’s body. Allow Her grounded, stable, solid, mothering, nurturing energy to draw you back home to yourself, back into your body and into the here and now. We can feel like we are in a bit of a spin or stuck in the head during the Full Moon. Grounding is a game changer. If you can’t get out barefoot:

Sit with feet on the ground.

Breathe. Close your eyes.

Visualise roots of light flowing out of your feet and deep, deep down to the core of the earth, anchoring you here.

Breathe deeply. Embrace the slower, calmer, softer pace and feelings that being Grounded brings to your being.

6. Give thanks and gratitude to the Moon for its loving rays, that on a monthly basis, support you in shedding the old and opening to the new. Enjoy its light and beauty which aids your growth and expansion.

Love, Linda